About Cater to You Food Service

from our family to yours

Thirty years ago, Anthony and Kathryn Trentacosti founded Cater to You with a shared belief to provide the best food possible for schoolchildren, based on the same philosophy they would choose when cooking for their own two young children at the time. They believed then and now that the best meals are prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients from local producers and growers. Since then, the Cater to You family of schools has grown along with our commitment to providing your children with the healthiest, tastiest food possible. 

Cater to You Food Service is the leading on-premise food service provider for independent schools in the NYC metro area. Students enjoy the most delicious meals prepared from scratch with premium ingredients, served by our highly trained and personable staff.

our food philosophy

We cook from scratch with fresh premium ingredients to ensure we always know what goes into the food we serve.

Through our relationships with local vendors, we know where our food comes from and how it is grown and produced, thereby ensuring our schools receive the finest products available.

Like a school's curriculum and legacy, our menus and recipes are unique and customized to the communities we serve.

By creating menus around the peak season for produce, we can bring the best natural flavors to our meals while keeping them simple.

our hands-on approach to service

Our employees are passionate about cooking and care about giving their best to the school community they are part of. They never compromise, often taking the extra step or two to make every meal an exceptional dining experience.

We prefer to use our hands-on approach to ensure we exceed your expectations. Therefore, our support staff visits each school on a weekly basis to check in with our teams and clients. Our offices are located in close proximity to our clients in order to personally and immediately respond to their requests.

We care about our students with allergen and dietary restrictions and will always do all we can to accommodate special requests.

the importance of education

We'll work with your school and your departments to enhance your curriculum and make learning about food fun for your students. 

catering for any event

We cater events ranging from a breakfast meeting to elegant buffets and large affairs such as a multicourse, sit-down dinner. To ensure your event is a success, we handle it all so you don't have to worry about the details.

Let Cater to You plan the menu; hire the chefs, service and wait staff; arrange for rental equipment; select the wines; design the flower arrangements; and even set up a pre-party food and wine tasting. Our team adapts to the most challenging conditions and spaces in an off-premise catered event - and always delivers a first-class meal.

thinking ahead and making the right decisions

Cater to You has always made decisions in the benefit of the health of the children we feed. We do not follow trends or industry movements, it is part of our company philosophy to care and choose the best practices and products.

We are feeding growing children, why would we not make these decisions?

We put a lot of effort in the procurement of the products we use. We never sacrifice flavor over cost and all our schools use the same products.

We regularly visit our vendors and manufacturers to ensure the quality and proper handling of our products.

Our standard for Premium Quality Products means:

  • No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) and 100% vegetarian feed for the animal proteins we use for our daily entrées
  • No growth hormones (rBST), pesticides and insecticides in the milk we use
  • Eggs from pasture raised hens  - no antibiotics, no growth hormones, GMO free feed, hens can freely roam outside 
  • Fish is selected based on Monterey Bay Aquarium® Seafood Watch® recommendations
  • Humane treatment of animals
  • Produce is purchased seasonal and local first before we venture out
  • Our snacks are organic or made from natural products without high fructose corn syrup and other additives
  • Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit bars for dessert – only made out of 3 ingredients – Water, fruit and a little organic cane sugar
  • We prefer to limit ketchup usage, but when we do serve it, it is Simply Heinz without high fructose corn syrup
  • Our Smuckers Natural® fruit spreads do not contain high fructose corn syrup
  • Bread and bakery items are daily delivered fresh from one of the different local bakeries
  • Teas for our flavored waters are from Two Leaves Tea and all organic, fairly traded and caffeine free.