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Juho Lee, Chef Manager


Juho Lee is excited to be part of the St. Luke’s community as Chef Manager. Prior to joining St. Luke's School, she was Chef Manager at the Buckley School for four years.

Juho's interest in culinary arts began at the age of 13, when she cooked her first dinner party for 30 people. Juho attended the Art Institute of New York where she earned two degrees in Culinary and Restaurant Management. She then went on to work in New York, Cape Cod, and Cincinnati for a variety of catering companies, hotels, and iconic restaurants like Union Square Cafe. At the age of 28, she became the Executive Chef of Mountain View Resort & Spa, one of the most historic hotels in New England. At 29, she had the special opportunity to prepare a dinner at the James Beard House, a goal of hers since beginning her culinary career.

Prior to joining Cater to You in 2012, Juho served in the U.S. Navy, completing one tour in Iraq and two tours in Afghanistan and she still serves in the Navy Reserve.

Juho brings her culinary passion and energetic spirit to each meal she creates for growing schoolchildren. Two of her favorite aspects of being a Chef at Cater to You are using fresh, premium quality ingredients to create innovative meals influenced by cuisines from around the world and educating students about the food they eat.

Juho lives in New Jersey with her husband and 6 month old daughter. She enjoys an active lifestyle filled with yoga, jogging, gardening, knitting, and taking trips around the world to find new culinary inspiration.

Staff at St. Luke's School

St. Luke's School food service program is executed by a highly trained team of 6 staff members to ensure the proper level of service and quality of your program. Chef Manager Juho Lee will be responsible for the overall management of the program and will be your first point of contact. In addition to the Chef Manager there is a Sous Chef who will be directly responsible for the quality of the program in addition to our safety and sanitation standards.

In addition to the on-site staff, there will be a District Manager, as well as the Cater to You Support Team involved on a daily basis.

Below is a brief job description per position:

Chef Manager – General management program, client liaison, quality assurance, budget responsibility, menu and production planning, staff management, catering execution

Sous Chef – Unit Management, food production, staff management, catering execution

Cook – Cooking menu items and preparing salad bar components, replenish food during service

Prep Cook/ Server – Cut and clean food for cooking and salad bar components, serve food during service

Prep Cook/ Server – Cut and clean food for cooking and salad bar components, serve food during service

Utility – Receive and store deliveries, cleaning serve ware and kitchen small ware and kitchen maintenance