Zisca Gardner, Chef Manager

Zisca Gardner.jpg

Chef Zisca is excited to be a part of the St. Luke’s School community. Prior to joining Cater to You in 2017, Chef Zisca earned her culinary degree from the New York Restaurant School, though her cooking experiences began years earlier at home. Zisca knew she wanted to be a chef after being exposed to the city’s many international cuisines when she first came to New York from Trinidad and Tobago.

Chef Zisca brings vast fine dining expertise to the culinary team at St. Luke’s School, from her past experiences at The Modern at the Museum of Modern Art, Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Spice Market, and various other restaurants in New York. Throughout her career, Chef Zisca has always valued fresh, local produce and premium quality ingredients.

Chef Zisca’s favorite part about working with Cater to You is the friendly people, both on her culinary team and throughout the school community. When Zisca is not at St. Luke’s School, she enjoys dancing. Her favorite meal is Roti, an Indian bread filled with curried chicken, potatoes and chickpeas topped with mango chutney.  Zisca lives in Westchester with her son. At home, she enjoys whipping up Asian meals because her son loves Japanese cuisine. A motto Zisca lives by is, “You can achieve anything you want to achieve as long as you can envision it.”

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